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Bexton leads the geosynthetics industry, shaping the future of environmental and infrastructural sustainability with innovative solutions.Bexton™ geosynthetics are produced in strict accordance with the requirements of the GB/T 17643-2011, GB/T 17639-2008.
It can pass the American ASTM, CABO, ICBO, UL, and other relevant tests.
American brand, strict quality control;
Factories in China, complete supply chain system;
Geomembranes annual production capacity of 30,000 ton, to provide a stable supply, fast delivery;
geotextile annual production capacity of 50,000 ton, to provide a stable supply, fast delivery;
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I am delighted to share my evaluation of Bexton. Our experience working with them has been consistently satisfactory. The quality of their products has consistently impressed us, with reliable and stable performance that fully meets our requirements. Additionally, Bexton consistently delivers on time, ensuring our projects progress as planned. Their customer service and support team are also exceptional, always willing to provide assistance and resolve our inquiries promptly. Building a partnership with Bexton has been a pleasant journey, as they demonstrate genuine care and professionalism. Most importantly, their pricing is reasonable and offers excellent value for money.
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Enhancing Water Conservancy Efficiency
HDPE geomembranes are essential in water conservancy projects, providing superior waterproofing and anti-seepage properties. They are ideal for lining canals, reservoirs, and dams, preventing water loss and contamination. Their flexibility and strength make them easy to install and maintain, offering a cost-effective solution for water management.
Transforming Tunnels into Secure Passages
Tunnels ard the hifelihes of modern infrastructure, connecting cities,enhancing transportation, and facilitating commerce. Ensuring theurability and safety of these underground passages is paramount. Our geosynthetics solutions provide a strong framework to transform tunnels into safe and long-lasting pipes.
Advancing Environmental Protection with Landfill Solutions
HDPE geomembranes and geotextiles are essential in modern landfill management. These materials provide robust, durable barriers to prevent leachate leakage and protect groundwater. HDPE geomembranes offer exceptional chemical resistance and longevity, while geotextiles add an extra layer of protection and stability. Together, they ensure environmental safety and compliance with regulatory standards, making them the preferred choice for landfill applications.
Enhancing Mining Operations with Geosynthetics
HDPE geomembranes and geotextiles play crucial roles in mining operations by providing reliable containment solutions for tailings ponds,leach pads, and other critical areas.These products effectively prevent seepage and contamination of soil and water,ensuring environmental compliance and operational safety in mining projects worldwide.
Building Anti-seepage
Effective Solutions for Building Seepage Prevention
HDPE geomembranes offer exceptional protection against water seepage in building foundations and basements. Their high impermeability and durability ensure long-lasting prevention of water infiltration, safeguarding structural integrity and preventing moisture-related issues. Ideal for both residential and commercial construction, HDPE geomembranes are a reliable solution for effective seepage control.

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Geosynthetics are essential components in modern civil engineering, providing versatile solutions for infrastructure projects. Bexton produces a wide range of geosynthetic materials, such as geomembranes, geotextiles, and geogrids, designed to enhance the durability, stability, and environmental performance of construction works. These materials are integral in applications such as soil reinforcement, erosion control, and environmental protection.
By incorporating Bexton's geosynthetic solutions, engineers and contractors can achieve superior outcomes, including improved structural integrity, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced sustainability. Get in touch with us for tailored solutions to meet the challenges of the modern construction industry!

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