Privacy Policy

Bexton Privacy Statement
Bexton takes your privacy very seriously and is committed to protecting your personal information and data security. The following is a statement about Bexton's privacy policy and confidentiality commitment.
1. Overview of Privacy Policy
Bexton collects and uses your personal information to provide you with quality service and a pleasant experience. Our privacy protection covers all your activities on the Bexton website, including but not limited to your browsing, purchasing, registration, leaving messages and other behaviors.
We will only collect and use your personal information with your consent or as required by law. We promise to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations when processing your personal information, and take appropriate measures to protect your privacy.
2. Data security measures
To ensure your data security, we have taken the following measures:
Data encryption: We store your personal information encrypted on our servers to prevent unauthorized access and data leakage.
Access Control: We strictly restrict access to your personal information, and only use it by employees and partners who need it.
Data Backup: We regularly back up your personal information to prevent data loss or corruption.
3. Protection of User Rights and Interests
We attach great importance to your rights and take the following measures to protect your privacy and security:
User information protection: We promise not to sell or rent your personal information to third parties, unless you explicitly agree or are required by law.
Intellectual property protection: We respect your intellectual property rights and take steps to prevent your personal information from being used for illegal purposes.
Violation handling: If you find any behavior that violates this privacy policy, please contact us immediately, and we will take appropriate measures to correct and prevent similar behavior.
4. Disclaimer
USE RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY: When you use the Bexton website, you do so at your own risk and responsibility.
Disclaimer of Illegal Acts: Bexton shall not be liable for any illegal acts encountered by you or other users while using this website.
Network environment maintenance: Bexton encourages all users to respect the regulations of this website and actively maintain a good network environment.
If you have any questions or suggestions about this privacy statement, please contact us by:
Customer service hotline: 0531-87919350
This privacy statement will be continuously updated to adapt to new laws and regulations and business needs. In case of any changes, we will post a notice on this page. Please keep an eye on this Privacy Statement for the latest content.